Fabric | women yoga clothing fabric trends Dec 27, 2021
Comfort and recycled fabrics will be more important in spring/summer 2021. On the basis of adaptability, functionality will become more and more prominent. In the search for optimized technologies and innovative fabrics, consumers are again demanding more personalized, environmentally sustainable fabrics. Fabric applications for spring/summer 2021 yoga, Pilates and other sports will appear in a more durable and practical design way. Functional knitting, matt light drying, environmentally friendly recycled polyester fabrics provide all-round health benefits for creating tights, underlaying and other close-fitting styles for stretching, meditation, recovery training and other sports.

Functional knitting

Knitted yarns exhibit high comfort and temperature control in a variety of configurations. Seamless design improves comfort and reduces friction. Consider adding recycled wool or Merino wool to the yarn to enhance the fabric's cross-season performance.

Gloss plain stretch fabric

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Dumb light dry

The matte surface is more breathable and quick-drying, making it more suitable for daily wear. Focusing on the ultimate support, the streamlined splicing can stabilize muscles, prevent injury and help recovery.

Mercury texture

For women's sportswear, mercury metallic color is suitable for the whole body modeling transformation and update, or as a small area splicing and ornament and other more commercial applications. Consider using more elastic fitting fabric to create a seamless design, which can greatly enhance the avant-garde shape of clothing.

Mesh maximization

The mesh structure is enduring in yoga fitness clothes. With a larger area of mesh to create the appearance of the whole splicing, not only can highlight the charm of sports women, but also can achieve the effect of sweating and breathable to a greater extent.

Environmentally friendly recycled polyester

With 42 | 54 Sport, Adidas by Stella McCartney indoor sports brand, for example, polyester has been more and more used in market, recycling reshape products prospective is: The garment industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, and while advocating environmental sustainability, the move could make consumers rethink their relationship with their products. It is worth mentioning that the exploration of biodegradable fabrics has opened up new opportunities for limited styles and collaborative collaborations.

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