2023 Spring and summer fabric trend Dec 31, 2021
Outdoor series is suitable for consumers who love outdoor sports. It is based on functionality with a variety of interesting designs to achieve both simple and interesting effects. The series aims to explore nature in depth while following convention.


Medium thick, slightly wrinkled cloth style, but there is a touch of cotton, and elastic, is a function and texture of both fabric.


TSD's unique design and processing of the cavity, a high permeability effect, and elastic, a wide range of applications.


Can ENHANCE | assign

Key words: science and technology, personality

Mainly for science and technology art series, dream series.

The art of Science and Technology series attempts to emphasize the unique value of human beings through exaggerated silhouettes of styles and the use of new technologies. Fantasy series shows the strange fantasy world with strange nature as the main, this exquisite and elegant fantasy style, very suitable for the fairies.


The fabric feels delicate, soft and slightly twill style, with excellent elasticity, water pressure resistance and moisture permeability. Is a very typical technology personality fabric.


Fabric transparent natural draping, the surface of dazzling pearl light, feel soft waxy. The selection of renewable materials combined with new technology shows the contemporary people's yearning for fantasy.


GRACE | charm

Key words: materialism, create value

Mainly for the niche series.

The niche collection is aimed at understatement luxury essentialist groups who seek authenticity and are willing to promote a low-spending lifestyle.


The thick fabric, cotton touch, skin-friendly, under the premise of ensuring classic style, create multi-dimensional extension of functions.


The fabric feels fine, and the different color yarns create metallic luster on the surface. The special texture style highlights the difference.


OUTBURST | burst

Key words: dreamer, transformation

Mainly for fun series.

The fun series is aimed at individualistic dreamers who are deeply influenced by the street culture of the 90's, love different cultures, love to explore the colorful world and pursue non-sexism.


The fabric is soft, comfortable and elastic, with fine lattice effect on the surface and strong moisture absorption and quick drying performance.


Transparent lattice surface, as thin as cicada wing, feel smooth, with strong anti-splashing performance.

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