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SS22 China International Fashion Week, which lasted for 11 days, has drawn to a close. During this period, designers with excellent works impact the boundary, narrative imagination, pay tribute to aesthetics, but also let the audience into the show can feel the magnificent charm of fashion in the most direct way.

For designers, besides the design itself, the choice of fabric is also crucial for a good garment. The right choice of fabric can get twice the result with half the effort. As a famous wool textile enterprise in China, over the years, jiangsu Sunshine Group's fabric trend theme, color foresight, fabric elaboration and so on have become the fashion guiding signs of major clothing brands, and have an increasingly in-depth influence on the trend of domestic fashion.

"SOLOTEX®THERMO", a new evolutionary fabric with comfort and high grip force, is launched by sunshine professional wear this season. Comfort and temperature coexist.

With the development of social economy and the continuous rise of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life, especially for the performance of all kinds of products have higher requirements. And the improvement of product performance, usually from the improvement of material performance. All the time, sunshine professional clothing adhering to the people-oriented concept, launched in line with the current demand for new technology and new products, and strive to improve the quality of life of consumers.

About the "SOLOTEX ®"

"SOLOTEX®THERMO", as the main fabric product of this period of sunshine professional wear, has the characteristics of softness, extensibility, color rendering and buffering that traditional fabrics such as polyester fiber, polyurethane fiber and nylon fiber do not have. What's more, some of the polymers that make up SOLOTEX® fibers use plant-based materials, up to 37% of the total polymer, thus reducing the consumption of new petrochemical resources and contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Sun fabric pays attention to environmental protection from the beginning of material selection, and is committed to environmental protection of the earth.

Due to its many excellent characteristics, "SOLOTEX®" has been widely used in fashion, professional wear, sportswear, underwear and other clothing fields as well as industrial materials.

The picture


Excellent wrinkle resistance and stability

SOLOTEX®THERMO fabric is characterized by its superior wrinkle resistance and form stability (similar to today's memory metal materials). When pressed by heavy weight, it will form fewer wrinkles than ordinary polyester fibers and cotton. What's more, SOLOTEX®THERMO is almost completely flat after a simple wrinkle removal, such as smoothing wrinkles by hand.

▲ Left is SOLOTEX fiber, right is ordinary polyester fiber

Good wearing comfort with soft feel, maintain the shape of beautiful contour reduction, just the right extension and other outstanding characteristics, so as to achieve good wearing comfort. It has a softer texture and superior extensibility than ordinary elastic fabrics. At the same time can avoid the formation of bulge phenomenon.

▲ The state after simple wrinkle removal

SOLOTEX fibers on the left and ordinary polyester fibers on the right

SOLOTEX remains stable even when washed in a regular household washing machine. Even if the machine is overpowered, its excellent form reducibility allows the user to flatten clothes easily (even without ironing).

In addition, SOLOTEX has another undeniable advantage -- excellent moth resistance, users do not even need to use insect repellent, only through simple care to keep clean.


Excellent heat storage and insulation

SOLOTEX®THERMO fabric has heat storage and insulation properties. It can use special inorganic carbon particles that absorb near-infrared rays of sunlight and convert them into heat energy, and mix them into the fiber molecular structure, thus effectively converting solar energy into heat energy. In light absorption thermal insulation experiments, SOLOTEX®THERMO was proved to have a body temperature increase of about 5℃ compared with normal polyester fiber.

In cooler weather, thinner suits like those worn in spring and summer may not be enough now. But the SOLOTEX®THERMO fabric produced by Sunshine is exactly what surprises us. It is not heavy but warm and stylish, bringing us a real feeling. Wool's natural temperature and humidity control performance and SOLOTEX®THERMO's comfortable elasticity and thermal insulation make workplace attire elegant without losing temperature.

▲ Sunshine "SOLOTEX®THERMO" fabric

In addition, SOLOTEX® fiber is mainly used in the lining production of gentry coats, coats and windbreaker. Its soft and smooth texture can reduce the friction between clothes, on the one hand, reduce the burden of wearing, and on the other hand, reduce the generation of static electricity.

▲ Garments made of SOLOTEX®THERMO fabric

So today's "little class" on SOLOTEX fabric fiber is here. I wonder if you old drivers have any grass and single products that use SOLOTEX? In the face of such excellent fabric fiber, it is inevitable to not the favor of high-quality clothing brands, in addition to the latest development of "SOLOTEX®THERMO" products, sunshine professional wear has many excellent materials with different characteristics. For more information about sunshine business wear, stay tuned.

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